Why You Should Get Commercial Stucco Contractor Insurance

stucco contractorsStucco contractors are responsible for a wide variety of services. They can either repair or restore the deteriorated exterior surface of your home by using a stucco based on various formulations. As stucco is a mixture of marble chips and lime, it is highly porous, easily absorbent, and suitable for heat, sun, and water exposure. Thus, stucco surfaces exposed to these conditions are prone to damage and need to be repaired as soon as possible. If the damage is not repairable, a whole new stucco application may have to be carried out.

However, many risks lie in store for stucco contractors when they work on exteriors. These risks include exposure to harmful chemicals and fumes. They also face many dangers from physical hazards and improper lifting or moving. To avoid all such risks and dangers, stucco plastering companies also carry out routine maintenance works on their facilities and vehicles. Stucco contractors also have to provide worker’s compensation to those employees who fall ill due to work-related exposure. Go to this website at https://www.stuccorepairtampa.net/ for more information about stucco contractor insurance. 

A typical stucco repair work may include repairing damaged plaster on walls, flooring, ceiling and other surfaces. The cause of damage may vary from natural calamities like floods and earthquakes to vandalism and mishandling by builders. As far as the repair is concerned, the first step is to prepare the required materials. Next, it is essential to assess the extent of the damage. It is better to fix the problem before completing the rest of the job by carrying out a post mortem survey.

An expert stucco contractor will take adequate precautions in order to make sure that no harm happens to the workman while carrying out the repair job. In fact, the contractor will go ahead with the work only after preparing all the material and tools required for the job. A complete set of equipment like an industrial mixing machine, water tank, water purifier and high quality paint is required for the job. All these are available on rent from a good stucco company. The damage to the wall or the ceiling can easily be assessed if the damage is not covered by a general liability insurance.

Reputable stucco contractors follow modern building design options and techniques. They use advanced bonding agents for strengthening the cement surface, along with stucco sealants for protecting the cement and the surrounding surface from moisture, water and mildew. Proper siding is not required in most homes; however, the siding of the attached garage or porch can be made with the right combination of siding materials and stucco, depending on the condition of the house. For this purpose, the contractor will also suggest the right type of siding for the house.

Most stucco companies have a team of experienced construction contractors who know how to apply different textures finish to a given wall. Contractors can also provide low-cost and low-maintenance options like installing a vinyl coating over a cement wall, using different textures for a wall with wood framing and so on. However, before installing a vinyl coating, the contractor needs to make sure that there is no crack or dent in the wall. Any such damage will need immediate replacement.

Stucco contractors have affordable ways of paying their legal fees and medical bills. These include providing free consultation and offering payment arrangements for a legal fee and a deposit for the medical bill. The entire package usually takes less than a year to complete.

Finally, a qualified stucco contractor insurance policy helps contractors protect themselves from liability claims. In case a client suffers damage as a result of negligence of the contractor, the construction-contractors’ insurance can help the client obtain financial assistance from the responsible party. The legal fees and medical bills for a given project can add up to significant amounts, especially when there are a lot of them for a particular project. These expenses can be greatly reduced, however, with a comprehensive commercial general liability insurance coverage for construction-contractors. Coverage helps a contractor get peace of mind that he is covered in case of unexpected accidents and ensures that he doesn’t have to bear huge expenses out of his own pocket.